Welcome to our monthly feature, “Books and Bibles for Kids!” I get so many great books and Bibles for kids to review and I want you to know about some of our favorites each month! I hope you enjoy these new finds!

Books & Bibles for Kids August 2013

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The Circle Maker for Kids: One Prayer Can Change Everything by Mark Batterson

This is one of my favorite children’s picture books I’ve ever received to review. I am reading The Circle Maker right now and am so inspired in my prayer life. I just love the fact that there is a book to inspire my children in the same way.


The illustrations are GORGEOUS. The story is captivating. The message is something every child, every person needs to hear: “One prayer can change everything.” Bravo to Mark and the Zonderkidz team on this beautiful treasure of a book for children.

Pirates on the Farm by Denette Fretz

My boys are automatically attracted to anything with the word “pirates” on it and I’m so glad they were excited about this one! This hilarious tale of pirates in unfamiliar surroundings is a great lesson in loving our neighbors, especially the ones we don’t totally understand! My favorite line from the whole book: “When you plant love, it grows.”

Everything You Need to Know About… Series
Everything You Need to Know About Snakes
Everything You Need to Know About Sharks
Everything You Need to Know About Frogs and Other Slippery Creatures

Since the day these books arrived in the mail, not a day has gone by that I haven’t found the boys snuggled up on the couch, their beds, a bean bag chair reading one or more of these books. They are FASCINATED. If you have curious children, these books are the way to go. And they have lots and lots of topics to interest the mind of any child! Go figure that boys would like these ones so much!


Nature Bible

Nature Bible

Check out more on this fun new Bible from Tommy Nelson in my review from earlier this month!

Most of our kids are back in school by now. Do your kids do more reading in the summer or during the school year?