My baby will only be a baby for one more week. He turns one next Thursday.

I can’t stand it. Time moves too fast and I will never, ever get these days back. Cliches, but oh so true.

But I can take pictures. I can pull out the camera at times other than birthdays and milestones and programs and just capture ordinary days. Because the ordinary days are probably what I will want to remember the most some day.

Ordinary days like this one…

Ordinary Days1Ordinary Days2Ordinary Days3Ordinary Days4Ordinary Days5Ordinary Days6Ordinary Days7Ordinary Days8Ordinary Days9Ordinary Days10Ordinary Days11Ordinary Days12Ordinary Days13Ordinary Days14Ordinary Days15Ordinary Days16

I will forever remember this {pre-haircut} day as a day we laughed, discovered our heads, wrestled, played ball, and enjoyed another ordinary day.

What do you want to remember about your ordinary days?

Oh, and my child hanging upside down in the last picture reminded me…

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