Big J goes to a wonderful preschool. His teacher is so kind and caring. Despite a rough dropoff the first day, he has loved every day since.

One of his favorite things, and mine, is when he gets “caught being good.” When his teacher catches one of the kids doing something good – helping a friend, cleaning up, following directions, etc. – she gives them an orange slip of paper as recognition.

It’s just a slip of paper.

But it means the world. To him and to me.

We’ve kept every single one he has received this year and he loves to lay them out and look at them all.

Funny how a little recognition can go such a long way, huh?

But this got me thinking about myself…

Obviously this is something I could try at home – making a bigger deal out of the times the boys make wonderful choices. I can see great success in that.

But what about me? If I really thought about it, how often would I actually get caught being good? And how often do MY KIDS catch me being “good?”

Isn’t there a saying something like – “Good behavior is CAUGHT not TAUGHT” – or something like that?

So what “good” do I want my kids to catch me doing?

Just a few ideas…

*I want my kids to catch me having time with Jesus. I want them to catch my reading my Bible, worshipping, praying.

*I want my kids to catch me being affectionate and playful with the hubby. I want them to catch us enjoying, loving and respecting each other.

*I want my kids to catch me serving and helping others. I want them to ask why I am making a meal for that family or why we are putting together a gift for a child in need. I want them to catch me being Jesus with skin on.

*I want them to catch me putting them before others and myself. I want them to catch me living out my priorities. I want them to catch what is TRULY important.

In order to get caught being good, I need to be INTENTIONAL. (Can you tell I like that word just a little?!) Not for show, but for the purpose of teaching our children through the way we live out our everydays.

So what do YOU want to be caught doing today?

For the record: I wish I had lovely little orange slips to hand out to each of you!