***DISCLAIMER:  This is NOT a complaining post, even if it starts out sounding like one. Hang with me.***

I am tired of being busy.

Tired of trying to “have it all.”

Tired of feeling like a failure when “it all” doesn’t work out.

I want to breathe. Laugh. Soak in this beautiful life with which God has blessed me.

And you know what?

I don’t HAVE to write on this blog everyday.

I don’t HAVE to tweet.

I don’t HAVE to be in charge of or on leadership for everything.

While all of that CAN be fun, someone else can also do those things. Lots of other people ARE doing those things.

But only I can love my husband, raise our children and take care of our home the way God intended.


Something has to give. And it won’t just happen – I have to CHOOSE.

So if I don’t show up here one day – nothing’s wrong.

In fact, it’s just the opposite.

Things are probably just as they should be.