Ok, I just wanted to make that clear from the beginning.
I love that Jeremiah is old enough to appreciate more about Christmas this year. We’ve started some new traditions around the house. I’m sure I will add more throughout the month because I love doing anything and everything associated with Christmas but here’s what we’re starting with…

1. Christmas Countdown Chain (or Advent Chain) – Everyday we take off a loop, read the Bible verse on it and do the activity it suggests. So far we have read most of the first chapter of Luke, set up our nativity and made an angel. Jeremiah likes to point to Baby Jesus and his mommy and daddy in the nativity. We are also working on our numbers with the chain (once a teacher, always a teacher)!
2. Christmas music – lots and lots of Christmas music! I try to add a new one every day. So far, Jeremiah’s favorites are “Crib Song” (Away in the Manger), “Snowman Song” (Frosty the Snowman) and Jingle Bells. We always start listening to Christmas music on our way back from Thanksgiving, but since we didn’t go anywhere this year, we started that night at home!
3. Christmas books – We have checked out several Christmas books from the library and try to read one every day. Thank goodness for the library!
4. Happy Birthday Jesus! – As part of our chain activities, we will be baking a birthday cake for Jesus on Christmas Eve. Stephen and I want to make sure that the boys always remember the real reason for Christmas and I think this such a fun way to do that!
5. Decorating the tree – Ok, Stephen puts it up and I decorate it but Jeremiah did “help” put it together and put the angel on top of the tree so he is getting more involved. Very sadly, our tree broke last year but we have wonderful friends who are letting us borrow theirs this year!
Like I said, I’m always looking for more ideas! So, what special things does your family do for Christmas?