I have a cookbook addiction.

I will admit that it has gotten better with the vast treasury of recipes available on the internet, but I still love sitting down and perusing the pages of recipes in book form.

A few of my favorites for you here today…

My Top Ten Favorite Cookbooks

10. The Food Substitutions Bible – Not technically a cookbook, but this book has saved my behind – and some of my friends’ as well – when cooking many, many times. An AMAZING resource for your kitchen!

9. Deceptively Delicious – Yep. I try to hide healthy stuff in my children’s food – and sometimes mine – when possible. And a lot of these actually taste really good! The boys especially like the grilled cheese and chicken nuggets!

8. Joy of Cooking – We received this as a wedding present – when I wasn’t much of a cook yet – and I was overwhelmed. But now I find it fascinating and a wealth of knowledge, with fabulous recipes, guides to food of all sorts, and many helpful indexes.

7. Fix-It and Forget-It – There are lots and lots of slow cooker cookbooks out there. This just happens to be the one I have and there are recipes galore here! Even if I can’t find the exact recipe I’m looking for, this book is great guide and jumping off point for creating my own slow cooker creations!

6. The Pioneer Woman Cooks – Is it a wonder I want to make every recipe in this cookbook when she makes it look so easy and beautiful?! I know I can find this recipes online, but this cookbook is just too gorgeous.

5. The Taste of Home Cookbook – This cookbook is like getting all of the best home cooks in the country together for a recipe swap. Like a big church cookbook. A REALLY big one.

4. Don’t Panic – Dinner’s in the Freezer – This freezer cookbook (and the one below) have saved my life – well, at least dinner – many times since I picked them up at a MOPS convention. The Cranberry Chicken is great to make multiples of to have on hand for new mommies and there tons of other similar ideas! Now, who did I loan that out to?

3. Don’t Panic – More Dinner’s in the Freezer – This follow-up volume is just as good or better than the first one! We just had the stromboli last night and I think my husband was ready to marry me all over again! Later this week, we’re trying the Pork Loin with Garlic Rub! Mmmm…

2. Better Homes and Gardens Cookbook – Please, please, please tell me you all have some edition of this cookbook. It is my go-to for waffles, french toast, chicken stir-fry and lots of reference! A must in every household, even if you don’t consider yourself a “cook!”

1. America’s Test Kitchen Family Cookbook – Hands down, the BEST cookbook I have ever cooked from. If you haven’t had the privilege of watching America’s Test Kitchen on PBS, they take recipes and try them EVERY way possible until the find the absolute best way to make that recipe. They also do taste testing for store-bought products and reviews of kitchen items and cookware. I have learned so much from this book and love doing things their way! Everything has been a hit so far, especially the Summer Berry Pie for the hubs!

I know this is not an exhaustive list, but this is what I love of what I own!

And now I want to hear from you? Your favorites? What MUST I have?


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