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Please listen carefully to me today, especially all you moms + dads…

You do NOT have to be a Bible scholar in order to call yourself a Christian. You do NOT have to be a Bible scholar to be saved. You do NOT have to be a Bible scholar to point your children toward Jesus.

Be a Bible Scholar

The Bible is the Word of God. It is the most important book in our house. It guides and protects and convicts and inspires and so much more. But you do not need to have the whole Bible memorized or know the origin of every word in it to fulfill anyone’s expectations. And you don’t need to wait until you know it inside and out to share it with your children.

I wrote about this earlier this year with the release of the book Connecting Church and Home by Tim Kimmel. This quote early in the book made my mama heart hurt…

Typical parents not only don’t feel they know what they’re doing when it comes to leading their kids spiritually, but they also assume the job it too complicated for it to ever be intuitive.

Knowing the full history of the Bible doesn’t make you a better Christian. Your story of salvation and relationship with Jesus are your own and that is the best place to start with your children. And learning about Him and His Word together is pretty amazing.

Don’t let what you perceive as a lack of knowledge hold you back from sharing Him with them. Learning more about the words in the Bible should come from a desire to know Him better, not as any badge of pride or honor for ourselves. And learning about Him and His Word WITH you children is pretty amazing!

If the Bible intimidates you, take it in in small chunks and let God speak to you verse by verse. He doesn’t need you to read it all at once to show you His ways, but, from my experience, little by little you’ll start to want more and more of it in your life!

Have you ever held back in sharing Jesus because you felt like you didn’t know the Bible well enough?