Today’s HILARIOUS and completely honest guest post is from Jessica, blogger at Bohemian Bowmans and author of the ebook Parenting Wild Things: Embracing the Rumpus. I know I needed this laugh about the wonder – or horror – that is our hormones – thank you Jessica!


Dear Eve, The Fall called.  It wants its emotional sanity back.

Of all the things I lament of the rigmarole that goes along with womanhood, hormones win the big fat ovary shaped trophy.

“Why!” I want to cry out to the heavens.  Why must I be tortured with such an imbalance of my own feelings and emotions?

Don’t even get me started on the crying.  I’m hopeless.  All I need is a good country song or commercial.  Yes, lady suffering from chronic asthma, I do feel your pain and I’m sorry that your life has been put on hold by your ailment!  *sniff*

And I’m just going to go ahead and say it: I feel sorry for you guys having to deal with us sobbing, irrational messes.   I know of a Man Blogger who recently hurt the feelings of two of his lady followers in the same week, unbeknownst to him.  And I couldn’t help but wonder … were the ladies in question PMSing? Come on now, you know it’s a possibility.

And the food!  Oh, the food!  At least once a month I end up being an involuntary B to my husband because I’m having some ridiculous craving reminiscent of pregnancy days.

Have you ever thought about how Adam and Eve’s relationship must have changed after that whole dealio with the fruit?  Adam must have cursed the knowledge of good and evil for the rest of his accursed life.

I realize this is making me sound like a complete basket-case.  But, really, I’m not.  I’m one of the most stable people I know, emotionally.  I swear!  I’m fairly laid back and there are very few things in life that make me stress.  And maybe that’s why it disturbs me so when once a month I can cry just by being looked at.  Because, seriously, who does that?


Oh well.   All the more reason to cling to God and be filled with his Spirit to battle the hormonal imbalance within me  flesh.

And eat chocolate.


Jessica started out as a teen mother, but gives full credit to the grace of God for not simply being a statistic.  She married her best friend in 11th grade and they have been together for 11 years, and have four children, whom she homeschools.  You can find her Pulling Planks and using bad grammar daily at her blog Bohemian Bowmans.