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I’m coming to the end of these 31 days lighter. I knew going into this month the Lord was going to speak to me as much or more than anyone else reading this about letting go of having it all. And He did.

My list of topics to cover during the month came to me pretty easily and I know it was Him saying, “You can lay these down. They don’t HAVE to happen. They are stealing your joy.”

And many of the things I wrote about WERE stealing joy from my life. Too many expectations were weighing me down and writing about them helped free me.

I feel lighter. And to be honest, I’ll probably feel even lighter when I finish writing this post because writing 31+ posts in 31 days is a lot.

One final secret to help you stop trying to have it all…

In Christ Alone

Only in Christ alone can we truly have it all.

“In Christ Alone” has always been one of my favorite worship songs. I bawl every time I sing it. And as I was planning out this series, it was the first thing that came to mind in reference to having it all.

He IS all. He is everything. When we have relationship with Him, we have all we ever need. And when our lives are focused on Him, it is much harder to get wrapped up in trying to have it all.

The only way to have it all…  is to have Jesus – and like Him — to give it all away. ~Ann Voskamp

If you’re reading this, feeling weighed down by the pursuit of more stuff and expectations that always seem out of reach, I’m praying for you now. I’m praying for your load to be lightened, your focus to be changed, your heart to feel free.

You don’t HAVE to have it all. I don’t HAVE to have it all.

Breathe a little easier with me as we soak in this truth…

Have you let go of something you didn’t HAVE to do or have or be this month? I would love to hear what spoke to your heart in this series!

And thanks for sticking with me through these 31 days! I have been blessed by your comments!

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