Dear God,

You really know how to get to me, don’t You?

I might be an impulsive person in most things, but when it comes to acting on something from You, I’m a little slow. And stubborn. I require lots of chipping away. Lots of not-so-subtle hints and reminders.

And that’s what you’ve been doing to me over the past few years.

I think it started with Kristen and her trip to Kenya. Then MckMama’s posts about that trip as well. And Lisa-Jo followed soon after that.

You opened my eyes to things I did not want to know about. I really wasn’t in that place of wanting You to “break my heart for what breaks Yours.”

But You got me there somehow. You used bloggers and their trips over and over again to show me beauty and hope amongst severe poverty and desolation.

I didn’t think those things could possibly exist together.

But they do because of You.

How can those children smile when they sleep on a dirt floor?

Because they know You love them.

How can that mother give her children the only food they have for that day and go hungry herself, yet still praise You?

Because she trusts You with everything she has.

God, forgive me me for having all that I could ever need or want and more and not trusting you with every part of it.

And thank you for continuing to chip away at my tendency to look the other way when the poor and marginalized were mentioned.

I see it now. I see that I do have a place in all of this.

Even when I can’t seem to keep up on the laundry or stay patient with my children or spend enough time with You…

You can still use me.

Thank You for bringing sweet Samson into our lives. Thank You for opening the hearts of our family to love this handsome boy in Tanzania whom we have never met. Thank You for the discussions that have occurred in our home since he became a part of our life. One boy half a world away has changed our lives.

I see that sponsoring Samson was just the first step You wanted us to take. When You unlocked this part of my heart, the “ignorance is bliss” way of life could be no more.

I cry at almost every Compassion blogger post I read, but I don’t feel hopeless for those kids anymore. I know You are with them and they just need us to step into action to be Your hands and feet.

Lord, take our broken and willing hearts and move us into action for these beautiful children.

And thanks for never giving up on me and continuing to patiently chip away at my stubborn heart, even now…

With gratitude and love and praise,



I wrote this post as part of Blog Month for Compassion International. We’re writing and praying and expecting for God to move in hearts to see 3,108 children sponsored this month. 837 have already been sponsored which means only 2,271 to go! Have you taken a look at the children needing sponsorship lately?

And if you already sponsor a child, join us this Friday {and every second Friday of the month} for an online letter-writing party!