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Ah, the ever divisive topic of educating our children…

I said I would never homeschool my children. Six months later, God steered us right on to the path of homeschooling and we’re journeying that path for the third year now.

It took me quite a while to swallow my pride on that one. I really thought I knew the best way to do things, even if it was just for our family, but when God finally had His say {or I actually prayed about!}, He showed us something totally different.

People ask us all the time if we will homeschool through high school. I have no idea. We are just taking it one year at a time. And that is because I do not believe homeschool is the automatic answer to, “How should we educate our children?”

Homeschool Children

You do not HAVE to homeschool your children for them to succeed in life. You do not HAVE to homeschool your children for them to become “good Christians.” You do not HAVE to homeschool your children in order to be a good parent. You do not HAVE to homeschool your children to be following God’s calling.

The same could be said for other education choices as well. While homeschool is the hot topic, I know there are some who believe private school is the only way to go. And some believe all children should go to public school.

Education is not a one-size-fits-all for every child or every family. There are children’s learning styles and personalities to consider. Family schedules and priorities must be factored in. And parents must be willing to follow where God leads.

See that note? Where GOD leads. Not peer pressure or guilt or shame or even fear. Acting upon those feelings will almost always lead to disappointment or failure. But God. He knows. And He equips for wherever He may lead us and whatever He may want us to do.

The very vocal online homeschool community is a great support to those who have decided to homeschool, but it can feel like major peer pressure for those who don’t. Although a few homeschool bloggers are trying to prove that homeschool is the only way to go, most are just trying to support fellow homeschoolers with resources and such. If you don’t feel led by God to homeschool your children, then don’t let the posts and tweets of homeschoolers lead you off His path for your family.

There are a few HAVE-tos related to our children and education…

  • We HAVE to do what is best for each child and the family as a whole.
  • We HAVE to give the education decision over to God and let Him lead.
  • We HAVE to avoid making education decisions based on fear, guilt, shame, or peer pressure.

I have seen all three educational choices done VERY well and I have seen all done poorly, too. There is no one way we HAVE to educate our children, except what God shows us is right for our family right now.

Have you ever felt pressure from yourself or someone else to make a particular educational decision for your child?