Yesterday we talked about the importance of community for moms. Let me sum it up for you:

Alone = bad. Together = good.

This same formula works well for me in other areas as well. Dreaming is one such area.

It’s actually quite easy for me to dream. I am a big-picture thinker, an ENFP {see my note at the end of this post to find out more}. ENFPs are excited by new ideas, but get bored easily with details. In other words, I get distracted by the next “shiny thing” to come along quite often.

I have dreams coming out of my ears, but on my own, most of them will never happen.

That’s where my own personal “dream team” comes to the rescue!

The Power of a Dream Team

These are the people who inspire me, bounce around ideas with me, and ground me in reality when needed! The power of having a “dream team” comes when they fill in your gaps, spur you onward, and help your dreams succeed.

My gaps include procrastination, lack of attention to details, and struggling to finish projects before starting new ones. This “dream team” is helping me overcome these deficits to pursue all that God has planned for me – those wonderful, amazing God-sized dreams!

Who makes up my “dream team?”

20130128-232259.jpgThe Hubby is my ultimate “dream team” member because he loves to plan and look ahead at where we’re going, but he also thinks about how every decision will affect our family. And he knows me better than I know myself, so he always has what’s best for me in mind!

My best friends take on two significant team roles – one as a cheerleader and one as a prayer warrior. Dreams can really take flight when supported by encouragement and prayer! These gorgeous girls are always there holding me up.


Brooke and I are united in our vision to reach out to moms and dads of boys, so dreaming together is a joy. And, like my husband, she’s a details-thinker, so she fills in those gaps for me. Hallelujah for puzzle pieces that fit together just right!


Amanda is that person in my life whose creativity and enthusiasm inspire me to dream bigger and keep moving forward {Meet the Robinsons for the win there}, particularly in the areas of blogging and all things kid-related! She just oozes big, wonderful, God-centered ideas!

Dream Team Gals

And to round out the team are two ladies who are so willing to listen, pray, and sweetly speak truth into my life. Stacey and Teri Lynne are women I greatly respect for their faithfulness to God and their families above all else. They are already modeling my God-sized dream, and doing so with grace and wisdom.

Notice how I need lots of realistic-minded people around me to keep me from floating off in a million different directions, chasing dreams that just aren’t right for the here and now?! Maybe you’re a detail person and the big-picture dreams don’t come as easily – surround yourself with those who dream big and catch some of their spirit of adventure!

Find your team. Share your dreams. Watch God move. There is power in community!

What kind of people do you need on your team to help your dreams succeed?

I mentioned above that I am an ENFP. That’s not a misspelled word, but rather a personality type based on this test. I would love for you to go take the test {it’s free!} and come back to share your results!


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