Birthdays are cause for celebration!


You didn’t have to tell Little J that twice – he made me feel like the most important, special person in the whole world on my birthday. I felt totally celebrated by all of my guys!

I’m also finding my birthday to be a great time of reflection and dreaming! Instead of lamenting turning another year older, I did some birthday praying and dreaming about all God has in store for the next year!

It almost feels a little like New Year’s to me, but I’m not making resolutions to lose weight or get more organized. I’m taking my God-sized dreams and laying out a few areas that I want to see grow in the next year. God spoke three things very clearly into my life as we celebrated my birthday yesterday. Seriously, there was no mistaking what He wants to work in me as I move towards 33…

1. I want to understand grace more fully and practice it more regularly, especially within our family.

Grace is not a new word to me, but after having read Connecting Church & Home by Tim Kimmel {review coming soon}, author of Grace-Based Parenting {which is on my t0-read list}, I’m realizing I don’t really know much about living a life full of grace, especially in relation to my children. I just know I want to know more about grace and how to live it out.

2. I want to experience greater intimacy with God and with The Hubby.

Our busy lives don’t allow much time for depth of relationship. I’m not ok with that. I want a closer, deeper relationship with my Savior, not just cramming in Bible study before the kids wake up. I want spend more time talking and connecting with The Hubby, particularly when his schedule only allows for us to see each a couple hours a day.

3. I want to discover what a true Sabbath looks and feels like for our family.

I took last weekend “off” from social media. It was the most restful two days I’ve had in as long as I remember. But that’s just a piece of figuring out how our family is best refreshed on the weekends, or another Sabbath day when The Hubby’s work hours don’t allow for Sunday rest. My sister gave me 24/6: A Prescription for a Healthier, Happier Life for my birthday and I’m really looking forward to soaking up those insights on a Sabbath day.

I feel like this is the real-life living out of my God-sized dream – the nuts and bolts of being able to grow closer to God, bless my family, and write to encourage other families with integrity and without burning out!

What areas do you hope to grow in as you approach another birthday, whether it is next week or next year?

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