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Last week I revealed the clothing pieces I chose for my fall capsule wardrobe, but today I wanted to talk about shoes. I did not include shoes in my capsule wardrobe, but I am trying to narrow down the shoes I own and wear this fall to see how I can simplify my closet even more!

Fall shoes are the best. I’m not a huge fan of sandals and flip flops. Boots and cute flats are my jam. I’ve tried a lot of both over the years and today I’m playing favorites and telling you all about them!



Root Collective Ballet Flats – My favorite flats because they are cute, comfy, and they make a difference! I have an emerald green pair and a pink striped peep toe pair – they are my go-to pops of color for any outfit! I love knowing who made my shoes and that my purchase is supporting him and his family.

Wild Copper Tieks – I’m warning you: the price tag is high, but so is the quality and versatility of Tieks ballet flats. I chose the Wild Copper pair precisely because of the versatility and they have not let me down one bit! Traveling with them is the best because they fold up into a tiny little bag and match just about every outfit I could pack. Tieks also has a foundation which contributes to women entrepreneurs around the world through Kiva.

TOMS – These are my more casual flat option and you can get basically any color, fabric, or texture your heart could desire! This fall, I chose two neutrals from the TOMS + Zulily sale – a denim stripe and a black pinstripe. My grey pair from so many years ago was starting to look quite distressed!


Willow Lane Boots – These boots are getting their own post because they are so amazing, but let me just say it is worth the money to invest in a real pair of cowboy boots that are high quality and make you feel confident. These boots are just those kind of boots. I have never in my life had so many compliments on one pair of shoes!

Minnetonka moccasin boots – Basically, these are slippers that are acceptable to wear in public. And they have a sturdy sole on them. And I adore them.

Grey ankle boots – Grey is hot this fall. Ankle boots are hot this fall. Grey ankle boots for the win.

Riding boots – I’ve have had a black and a brown pair of riding boots for a while now and they will never go out of style because they are so classic. My black pair is from Lands’ End {similar} and my brown pair is from Target {similar}, so you can find riding boots for any budget!

Burgundy combat boots – This was a fun new addition at the end of last winter when boots were on clearance. So far, I love them with leggings and tunics! I’m still experimenting!


Keens – I have two pairs of Keens and they are the sturdiest, most comfortable shoes I own! I’ve had my red shoe pair for years and they just get more comfortable every year. The best part is they haven’t lost any support in the arch over time. This year, I finally snagged a pair of Keen sandals and they are perfect for the warmer fall days, you know when summer tries to sneak her way back in. Keens are a must for this mom of active boys!

Rain boots – As I write this, we’ve had a few rainy days in a row and I love it! And my yellow rain boots make rainy days even better. Rain boots are also great for trips to the pumpkin patch or apple orchard because they can be easily cleaned off after you trek through the dirt to get that perfect gourd! There are lots of fun rain boots, but I love my Lands’ End pair! Unfortunately, they don’t make them anymore, but they are very similar to the classic Hunter Wellies.

Who shares my love for fall shoes? What are your favorites this season?