I bought a scarf the other day. When it arrived in the mail, I cried.

Attached to the gorgeous scarf, handmade in Africa, was this note…


My boy mom heart just burst at the seams as I read those words.

Then I proceeded to make a fool of myself as I emailed fashionABLE, the company behind the scarf, telling them I thought my scarf shorter than I expected…when it actually just needed to be UNFOLDED one more time.

We all need to be humbled every once in a while, right?!

This post isn’t actually about my lovely blonde moment, but about my newfound love for fashionABLE.

fashionABLE exists to provide long-terms solutions to fighting poverty by creating jobs for women in Africa. These women are making the most beautiful accessories, and when you buy from fashionABLE, you are becoming a part of that solution.

I just followed along as my sweet friend and fellow boy mom Hayley traveled to Africa with several other lovely ladies to see the women behind fashionABLE in their homes, their jobs, their real lives. The pictures were haunting, but also inspiring – women weaving scarves with eyes full of pride in their work. If buying a scarf can make me a part of this change in these women’s lives, then you better believe I’ll be doing it! The note attached to my scarf was just the icing on the cake. I feel tied to Etanesh in a ver special way.

Buying fashionABLE scarves is now just one of the ways you can provide jobs for women in Africa. Today, fashionABLE is launching its leather line, opening the door for more opportunities for women!

The fashionABLE leather line includes a finely crafted wallet, clutch, and iPad case, all made in Ethiopia out of 100% Ethiopian leather. They are seriously gorgeous.

This is such an exciting addition to the fashionABLE line and I know they will sell fast, especially with FREE SHIPPING on ALL fashionABLE orders today only!

Have you made a fashionABLE purchase yet?

Which fashionABLE pieces are you in love with?