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I’ve gone through a few different summer phases: the year I wore dresses all the time, the year I wore skorts all the time, the year I wore athleisure all the time…just to name a few.

This summer, I’m sticking with the same classic I loved last year: denim shorts. And my favorite stores are making it so easy because they are KNOCKING IT OUT OF THE PARK with the styles this year!

Now, I am a super picky shorts-shopper. 5″ is my ride-or-die favorite length. I will occasionally go to 4″ if the fit is right and I don’t mind a little bit longer every once in a while, but 4.5″ to 5″ is my sweet spot.

As far as rise goes, mid-rise is the best, but I know high rise is EVERYWHERE, so I’ll give into that when needed and not restrictive, if you know what I mean.

And then we have style – distressing, wash, zip or button or elastic…I’m equal opportunity, as you’ll see with my selections, but I really love a good distressed, but not obscene, denim anything.

Last but not least, sizing: for your reference, I am 5’6″ with shorter legs, weigh about 140lbs, and I’m pear-shaped with muscular thighs and hips that bore three strapping boys. My waist is 27-28′ depending on the day and how much stove-popped popcorn I ate the night before. I need shorts that work with me in that department or it is a deal-breaker.

Enough chit-chat. Let’s get to my favorites for this summer…

*You can shop each of these looks easily by clicking on the picture or just head over to my profile and shop from there!


I’m listing these mid-rise boyfriend shorts as my favorite shorts of the year because I think they are the perfect shorts for ANYONE. A little distressing, but not too much, available in dark and light wash, raw hem, extremely comfortable, and the best length. Also, they’re only $19.99! I don’t like tight-fitting shorts, so I went with a size 6 in these.

I almost picked these 90s boyfriend shorts as my favorite of the summer, but I know not everyone loves this much distressing. I, however, do love everything about these shorts – again with the length (4″ this time), but also with the amazingly soft denim and two washes! These are a little more high-rise, so I went with a 6 in these, too, which is up a size from my normal AE denim size. Their regular price is $49.95, but AE continues to have huge sales on them, so keep an eye out for that! I try to share when they’re on sale over on Instagram, so give me a follow over there to stay up to date!

This version of the 90s boyfriend short is for those who want a little extra length – 9 1/2″ inseam, to be exact! I like to have both options for different occasions and styles! These are also high-rise, so keep that in mind when choosing your size (I went with 6). American Eagle really is my overall favorite option for all things denim! These also retail for $49.95, but are almost always on sale.

These shorts have been an hot item this summer and I can see why! At only $17.99, these high-rise distressed shorts are an awesome affordable option! The only thing that kept me from putting them high on the list was availability! Yes, they are sold out in most sizes, but I want to believe Target will restock them at some point this summer. Great material as is always the case with Universal Thread denim and great distressing details. I went with size 6 in these, as well, and they are a little shorter and run a little snugger than the AE distressed denim, but still super cute!

Now for something completely different… pull-on shorts! Some days you just want easy, comfortable, and classy – these are those shorts! Now, the inseam is considerably shorter on these (3″) but it didn’t feel super short to me because of the way they fit. They also come in black and olive. I am wearing the size small. Such a great option at just $17.99!

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Are you a denim shorts lover?

Which ones are your favorites?

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