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I wrote last week about the two books I will be using to focus my mind on more of God and the truth that He is FOR me during Lent this year. I’m all about keeping this time of year simple and meaningful, so I considered not sharing any more Lent resources with you as to not be overwhelming. But then I said, “Erin, this is what you do! Tell people things you love and let them figure out what is right for them!”

So here I go, sharing a handful of books and products for you and your family to use to be intentional with your mindset this Lent!

Lent Resources for the Whole Family

Reflective Lent Journal from Naptime Diaries

This gorgeous 40 day, undated journal contains scripture prompts and room to write on each page. Jessi, creator at Naptime Diaries says, “There are four sections to the book – Hope, Follow, Live, & Bless – and the scriptures are intentionally picked to help you grow closer to the Lord as you read different passages from all over the Bible.” If you would like yours in time for Lent this year, please order by 5pm ET TODAY!

Mosaic Bible

I received this Bible a few years ago and was drawn to the gorgeous artwork, but found so much more. Along with the full NLT Bible text, the Mosaic Bible features weekly readings and devotions based on the church seasons, including Lent. I love the insights I gained from the quotes, hymns, poems, and more in this Bible! I’m mentioning it as a Lent resource, but it is wonderful for year-round Scripture meditation.

The Jesus Storybook Bible

I’m sorry if you’re sick of hearing about the Jesus Storybook Bible from me, but I’m not really sorry because I will never stop telling people they MUST have this for their family! With Advent, we spent 25 days reading from it leading up to Christmas, but for Easter, I just did a week lead-up with the kids and it was just right. I made a reading plan for Easter week with the Jesus Storybook Bible complete with simple, but powerful activities and a free printable. And you could always start earlier in the Lenten season and read the whole life of Jesus, too! I think we may do that this year!

Trail to the Tree: An Easter Devotional from Ann Voskamp

I’m a big fan of everything God speaks through Ann, and while I haven’t done this with our family yet, I have it saved for when they boys are a little older. It might be just the right thing for you and your children this year. It includes reflections for each day of lent and printables to make an Easter tree. Ann says she made this because, “Easter is more important than Christmas.” And once again, she is spot on. This devotional is free to all of her blog subscribers, so if you’re already one, it’s at the bottom of the posts you receive in your email. And if you’re not, go subscribe now!

Action Bible Easter Story

The Action Bible is by far the favorite “big kid” Bible in our house, so I’m thrilled to tell you that, right now for a limited time, the Kindle version of the Action Bible Easter Story is FREE! Every house of boys should own the full Action Bible, but this is a great starting point to get your boys interested in this graphic novel/comic book-style Bible storybook AND the most important story of Jesus’s sacrifice to save us. Grab this quick before the price goes back up!

I have one more surprise Lent resource to share next week, but until then, here is one last gem I want to mention…

My sweet friend Jennifer has written an important book called Love Idol: Letting Go of Your Need for Approval – And Seeing Yourself Through God’s Eyes. It won’t be available until April 1, but you’re going to want to pre-order it now. Trust me.

While Love Idol isn’t a Lent-specific book, the message and soul-searching found within are very much in line with what Lent is all about – sacrificing the things we hold on to so tightly to have more of Jesus. And I would love for you to join me in the Love Idol Movement this Lent: We are letting go of the love idols that are taking up space in our hearts — space that belong to God alone. You can read more about Jennifer’s heart for this movement on her blog and join the movement on Facebook.

I will end this post with the question I am asking myself and praying about as part of the Love Idol Movement. I would love for you to join me in doing the same and we can come back here next Wednesday, Ash Wednesday, to share the idol we are letting go…

Where do the idols of approval and love lurk in my life? How can I practically and prayerfully give that idol up – for good and for GOD?