I’m participating in my first Five Minute Friday. The deal: write for five minutes – ONLY FIVE – on the give topic and then hit publish. No second guessing. No editing. Just writing. Somebody hold me. {How appropriate that my first topic is Bare, because I feel JUST THAT now.} You can find out more and read the loveliest FMF posts ever over at Lisa-Jo’s lovely blog!

Here goes…


I used to think being bare – soul bare – was embarrassing. Who wants everyone to know the REAL truth about them?

To me, bare was hard. Who wants to be that vulnerable, letting people see all that they really are?

Bare was just for a chosen few. Only those closest to me would want to know the real me, soul laid bare, right?


Bare is not hard.

Putting up walls and keeping up appearances of perfection is hard.

The real me, bare for all to see, is strong and has nothing to hide. No worry about being “found out.” The bareness is freeing because it BEING. WHO. I. AM.

Being bare leads to community. Covering up our imperfections also prevents real relationship from being formed.

My bare soul before the Lord is the most refreshing thing I have ever felt.

I love this new “bare.”