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I like a gloomy Good Friday.

Good Friday is supposed to be dark and cloudy and stormy. Something in my heart longs for the weather to reflect the somberness of the day.

A sky scattered with clouds and broken open with rain mirror my clouded thoughts and tears as I think on my Lord’s broken body – all done for me.

That broken body is the most valuable gift you or I have ever received, and yet it was wrapped in such darkness and sadness. The gifts we receive in the physical world are met with balloons and singing and happiness. If we received a broken gift for our birthday or Christmas, we would be appalled.

But Christ, broken for us, in the middle of the darkest day is the greatest gift and I want that same gloominess to bring my heart to a place of true gratitude.

Today, the sun is shining. The birds are chirping. It’s as if the whole world has forgotten the Great Sacrifice that happened thousands of years ago.

Not me. And probably not you either. It’s not the weather or nature’s job to reflect on the broken body of Christ today and live in intense gratitude for His great gift of salvation. It is yours and mine.

Today, as the rays of light are streaming in my window, my heart is thankful that God’s love shined so brightly from the cross that dark day.

My heart is broken at the pain and suffering He endured, but I am whole because of what He did. And what came after.

His brokenness lasted only a short time. It’s Friday, but Sunday is coming.


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