When I’m talking to another mom about fitness, the number one excuse I hear for not exercising is lack of time.

I really do get this excuse. I have three boys. I homeschool. My husband is a resident and works crazy hours. It is not easy to get a workout in every day.

There are very few things in my life that have made as much of an impact on my health, energy, and self-image as regular exercise. And when something is that life-changing, you make time for it.

So, moms and dads, let me ask you this:

Do you have 25 minutes you could spare somewhere in your day to make your health and fitness a priority?

The Focus T25 Program from Beachbody is just that: 25 minutes a day, 5 days a week, amazing results. It all happens at home. Get up an extra half hour early. Do it while the kids nap. MAKE THE TIME – you are worth it! No commuting to the gym, no extra equipment to purchase. You can even take the DVDs with you during holiday travel!

What’s Your Excuse Now?

Maybe you need a little extra motivation, and that’s why I’m here. I can’t deny the transformation that has happened in my life because of a new passion for fitness, and I really want to see others, especially busy moms and dads, take the same steps. Be the role model for your kids. Show them how to take care of the body God gave you. This is why I became a Beachbody coach – to help you make healthy changes and stick to them for your good and the good of your family!

Focus T25 Holiday Challenge

I’m putting together a group to motivate and encourage one another through the T25 program! We will be starting Monday, October 28th and the challenge will run through Sunday, January 5th, checking in on a private Facebook group the whole way through!

Yes, I realize this goes over the holidays. I did that on purpose. Last year, The Hubby and I did a fitness challenge through our YMCA that ran through the holiday season. It is the first holiday season ever that I did not gain weight, and also did not feel guilty about having a few treats at Christmas parties.

You don’t have to put your health on hold for the holidays. 25 minutes a day of exercise is a great way to battle the stress of the holidays. And wouldn’t it be better to START 2014 in shape than with a New Year’s resolution to get in shape?

I’m doing this challenge because I will have just finished a half-marathon and my motivation suffers greatly post-race. I need you pushing me along as well!

Is T25 for you?

Honestly, I think T25 is for anyone. The short amount of time + a team member showing modifications if necessary makes this accessible to anyone – IF you are committed. You do have to be willing to push yourself to make it work, but I know you have it in you!

How do you sign up?

Just shoot me an email at homewiththeboys at gmail dot com and I will get you all the information you need! You’ll need a free Beachbody account and make sure you select me as your coach {coach ID 291502} to get started. I can walk you through ordering and everything else and answer any questions you might have from there!

We already have several interested members of the group – will you be joining us?! Let’s make this our healthiest holiday season ever!