We took a little day trip the other day. As usual, the boys grabbed a couple of toys to take with them. On this particular day, the toys of choice were Hot Wheels.

As we were driving the boys made up a little game and I thought it was perfect to pass on to you!

We’ll call it: “I Spy – Hot Wheels Edition!” and it is VERY simple.

Each boy had one Hot Wheels car {you could give them two for a little variety} and as we drove they searched for vehicles just like the one they were holding!

Big J had a concrete mixer and Little J had a white van. Throughout the drive I would hear: “Gotcha!” every time one of them spotted a vehicle like the one they were holding.

They lost interest every once in a while and played with the cars instead, but sure enough, a few minutes later I would hear “Gotcha!” again!

Another variation for this game for longer trips could involve a bag of Hot Wheels held by mom or dad. Each child starts with one vehicle and when they find the matching one on the road, they switch out for a new one!

Older kids could keep score to make it more interesting, but my 5yo and 3yo could have cared less about the score and that was fine with me!

Nothing fancy, but the boys were totally entertained and we didn’t have to buy any  new toys or games to make it happen! And they’ve played this game on every trip we’ve made since that day, switching out vehicles for planes, motorcycles, diggers and so on! The fun never ends!

What free travel games does your family like to play?