The Relevant Conference: Kindred Spirits, Coffee, ConnectionSo, I leave for this year’s Relevant Conference in 15 days…

{No, I’m not in a panic. Why do you ask?!}

I am SUPER excited – last year, my MOB Society co-founder, Brooke, and I met for the very first time at Relevant and this year, we get to room together!!!

Since we’ve met and worked together for so long, I feel like we know each other pretty well, but I know there are few surprises waiting for Brooke with me as her roommate. {hehehe…}

So Brooke, here’s a little fair warning…

Top Ten Things My Relevant Roomie Should Know About Me

1. I talk a LOT when it gets late. A LOT.

2. Don’t eat my Reese’s Pieces.

3. I’m messy. My suitcase will probably explode and my bed may be covered too.

4. I may retreat to our room during the Husker game.

5. I need to shower in the morning. A night shower just won’t cut it. Thank goodness there are only two of us in our room!

6. I take a LOT of pictures. And I WILL have a little camera envy. But I won’t steal yours. Promise.

7. I think I mentioned this last year, but I apologize if you find my hair all over the place. I shed.

8. I am an extrovert. You are an introvert. But I still love you. And I, too, may need some time to decompress in our room during the conference. But decompress for me usually means talk it through. I’ll try to keep quiet as to not overwhelm you 🙂

9. I love love LOVE Target. Please keep me from escaping to the one by the hotel more than once. The results could be catastrophic to my budget.

10. I feel SO incredibly blessed to be rooming with you this year! Watch out world – the MOB is back together and we’re in the same room for three nights!


Brooke and her roommate last year did this fun list, and we thought it would be fun to host a little linky on our blogs again this year so that everyone can get to know each other before the big day!

Here’s how it works:

Write a blog post of your own listing 10 things your Relevant roomie should know about you, and link it up here anytime before the beginning of the Relevant Conference (you can link-up at Brooke’s blog or mine – same list!)

Make your list fun!  Make it you!  Tell us who you are beyond your blog!  And be sure to include a link to your Twitter name too so that we can all find each other.