I was ashamed today to realize that I hadn’t posted a Multitude Monday post since the end of SEPTEMBER. What?!

I could tell you all of my excuses, but that wouldn’t be fun for anyone, so enough dwelling on that…

The important part is I’m bringing it back today because I NEED to count these blessings, so here are just a few…

701. Making homemade donuts for the first time!

702. Watching the kiddos {and the hubby!} enjoy those donuts!

703. Wearing capri pants in January – high of 62 today! {And the pants are comfy for this big belly!}

704. Kite flying in January.

705. Having the hubby home on break for a wonderful, long time!

706. The hubby going back to school today – not because we want him to be gone, but because it means only 12 weeks left of medical school for him!

707. Baby hiccups.

708. Diaper sales at Target.  {Time to stock up!}

709. Washing and folding baby clothes.

710. Fountain Cherry Coke from Target.

711. The boys’ excitement about baby coming soon.

712. Lego building. All day long.

713. The mini-trampoline. {Really, thank you Jesus!}

714. A leaf hanging on as a reminder of this unusual, wonderful winter weather.

715. Laughing with friends.

716. Coffee and crochet – a little mommy break in my day.

717. Heath candy bars.

718. Catching the sunset while the boys ride bikes.

719. Reading Chicka Chicka Boom Boom with Little J – and him “reading” along with 🙂

720. Hiding the Word in his heart, even at three-years-old.


Your blessings this week? I would love to hear them!