Top Ten {Tuesday}

Something entertaining is overheard almost every day at this house. The trick is remembering to write them down as soon as I hear them {or the minute they come out of MY mouth!} so they are not forgotten!

My dear friend told me to keep a notebook in which to write down such quotable quotes, so I put up a magnetic notepad on the fridge for that very purpose. Now, myself or the hubby, can add quips whenever we need to!

And we have just enough to share with you today – I hope you get a good laugh out of what is said in this house of boys!

Top Ten Quotes Heard at Our House Recently

1. “This LEGO game is WICKED!!!” ~Big J {then echoed by Little J}

2. “Please stop ninjaing at the table.” ~me

3. “Now Daddy, for the record…” ~Big J (copying a phrase used often by Daddy}

4. “I want my cute mommy to win.” ~Little J {during a family game of Star Wars Trouble}

5. “No beatboxing at the table until you’re done eating.” ~me

6. “Satan is the mean guy of all bad guys.” ~Little J

7. “You better stop before you wax a gibbous.” ~Daddy {a phrase that became popular while we were studying the moon}

8. “I’m just punching the shower!” ~Little J {when asked what exactly he was doing in the bathroom}

9. “That was too many words, Mommy.” ~Big J {after I apparently gave him too many instructions in a row}

10. “Daddy! One po-po looks like an aardvark!” ~Little J {observing his own…umm…deposits in the toilet}


Ok, now I need to hear the funny things said at YOUR house recently – I know you have some! Don’t hold back!