Me:  Little J, did you just eat the plastic money?
Little J: Yep.
Me: Did you swallow it?
Little J: Yep.
Me: Fabulous.

Big J:When I get the real Buzz Lightyear costume, I can fly up to heaven.

Big J: I don’t like those books. The people are looking at me. They’re SMILING at me.

Big J: (singing with a Seeds CD)  The sun is an O, that’s right… (Correct lyrics: A servant of all, that’s right)

Me: Big J, what did you talk about at Rainbows tonight?
Big J: How to be like Jesus at home.
Me: So how can you be like Jesus at home?
Big J: No shooting babies.

Big J: You’re the best mommy, Mommy.

At least some things are getting through…