The hubby wrote this last night after we received news of a dear friend’s rapid decline in his battle with cancer…


Mark is an incredible man.

Always willing to give his time and energy to help other people. Passionate about getting people involved at church, taking leadership roles in small groups and outreach, being involved with nearly every ministry a church offers. Bright, personable, the kind of guy everyone wants to be around. The kind of guy you call to have lunch with, help you move, or just be there at a tough time.

Mark was diagnosed with cancer a little over a year ago.

People like Mark should not ever get cancer. I guess that’s one of the big questions that many of us have for God – not why there is cancer in the world, but why do people like him get it?

Mark fought. He fought hard. When some doctors felt ready to give up, he went through radiation and even more chemo with horrible side effects. He made it through a bone marrow transplant. He was getting close to being in the clear.

Cancer came back.

This isn’t how the story is supposed to end. A guy like him, a faith like his – this is supposed to culminate with a story of triumph, of God’s divine providence. A miracle cure. A testimony for the ages. But now in hospice care, his time left is down to days or hours.

One of the downfalls of being in the medical field is that we come to expect the worst. Mostly to prepare for it, but also because we’ve seen the bad outcomes.

But as a Christian, I still pray that those fears don’t come true. Because as childish a sentiment as it may be, IT’S NOT FAIR. Not for a guy like Mark.

I feel no comfort in saying this, even though it’s true: Heaven is preparing for a hero to come home tonight. We all love you Mark. While we are left with memories of a hero, Heaven is welcoming you home.

{Photo of Mark and Laura from his CaringBridge site}


The hubby was able to visit our friend – a former Marine, a tireless volunteer, a jokester and an amazing man – one last time today, and we just received word of his passing.

Please keep his wife, Laura, and their family and friends in your prayers.