The hubby did an amazing job sharing WHY you should take a getaway with your spouse every year, so my two cents are HOW you can make it happen! If you haven’t read his post yet, do that first and then come back for some helpful tips!

This is what has worked for us…

1. Find a time and set it in stone!

Don’t let anything get in the way! Find a time period that works for both of you AND for someone to watch the kiddos and go with it! Block off time from work, volunteer commitments, everything, so you don’t let anything get in the way! If an overnight is all you can make happen, make it happen! Something is better than nothing!

2. Budget the money.

Make this yearly commitment and put it in your budget. This helps you avoid using “We don’t have enough money!” as an excuse to cancel. And budget what YOU can do, not what others can do. You can have a great getaway on any budget – just make it a priority!

3. Search for deals.

We have had great success finding vacation deals with travel sites such as Expedia and Travelocity. This last time we found a great deal through an airline. Plan far enough ahead of time that you have time to look and compare.

4. Get the kids settled and then DON’T WORRY about them!

Do what you can to make sure the kids are all set with grandma and grandpa or a babysitter and then ENJOY YOURSELF! Worrying about how the kids are doing does not make for a spouse-centered getaway! We called to check on them once a day or every other day and they were always just fine! If there is an emergency, someone will get a hold of you!

5. Follow the Three Rs.

Some of this was mentioned in the hubby’s post, but here is a rundown of the three Rs we follow on vacation…

*Reconnect – Do things you enjoy together! We played tennis, swam, floated on the lazy river and went shopping – things that are not quite as easy to do with children. Even eating dinner and watching movies alone counts.

Remember why you like spending time together!

*Relax – Don’t plan TOO much! You don’t want to come away from your vacation exhausted! The hubby mentioned that we like resorts because we don’t have to leave to do anything. THAT is relaxing to us.

Sleep late. Eat brunch.

Laugh, take naps, eat slowly – just RELAX!

*Revisit family goals – This getaway is your chance to talk – without interruption – about where your family is headed. Sit out on your porch or beautiful balcony and just talk!

Maybe you’ve never done that before, and in that case, I can’t recommend it highly enough! Figure out what you want to happen in the next year, write ideas down, brainstorm, plan, and so on.

Here is how we did it this year {GREAT idea from the hubby}:

-Individually, think of your three family goals for the next year.

-Take turns sharing your goals and WRITE THEM DOWN.

-Take turns commenting on each other’s goals and asking questions to understand better.

-Combine any goals that are similar and make a final list.

-Write down any ideas for making these goals a reality – an action plan, if you will.

-Pray over your list and commit it to the Lord.

Commit to the LORD whatever you do, and your plans will succeed. ~Proverbs 16:3

I loved loved LOVED doing this with the hubs and we learned alot about each other through it! Very eye-opening and beautiful to connect in that way. And that’s what the whole vacation is all about!


And that is our humble “How-To” on taking a annual getaway sans kids, but I have one final note:

You don’t have to go some place fancy to make this a reality. You don’t even have to leave your hometown or your home to make it work. BUT, you do need to make it a time free of other distractions. {Again, something the hubby stressed as well.}

If you’re sending the kids away and doing a staycation at home, finish up all household chores and such BEFORE they leave. You are not allowed to do laundry during your “getaway” time. Trust me, it ruins the mood.


Let’s inspire and encourage one another to make this happen, in one way or another, every year!

So – let’s hear it! What has been YOUR favorite “getaway” with your spouse? What would be your dream vacation? How do you save money on trips so you don’t break the bank?


Pictures used above are all from the Westin Kierland Resort, Scottsdale, AZ. Awesome place. {Not a sponsored post!}