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When I posted about our High Five morning routine, I had some people ask about morning Bible time for the kids, so I thought I woud share what works for us!

Morning Bible Time for the Kids

At five and seven years old, morning Bible time for the kids is not real long or complex or even very structured, but we have found something that works for us! I’m already seeing it evolve as they get older, but I like that it is their own time with God.

The most important part for us are the Bible shelves. Each boy has a shelf with age-appropriate Bibles, Bible storybooks, devotionals, and a notebook. They are free to choose whichever Bible, Bible storybook, or devotional they want to read out of that morning.

I have found this freedom of choice to be a MAJOR reason they enjoy Bible time. When Big J wants to just read, he pulls out the Brave Knight Bible {he’s digging the KJV, I guess!} and when he needs a little more visual, he grabs his Action Bible. Little J rotates between several Bible storybooks, usually a different one every day!

I don’t give them a set time limit, but I do expect them to be able to tell me about what they read when they are done. This has helped them focus a little more and not quick flip through a Bible story just to check it off their list.

Just in the last week, I have started teaching Big J about journaling. I had him pick a devotional – he picked Grace for the Moment for Kids – and sit down with me as I journal as well. He writes the verse at the top of the page in his notebook, reads through the devotion, and then writes or draws anything he needs or wants to remember from that day. When he is done, we talk a little through the questions. We’ve only done it a few times, but I like how it is going so far!

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This probably isn’t the magic solution many of you were looking for, especially if you have little ones who can’t read yet, but this is how we do Bible time for the kids right now. When they were younger, morning Bible time looked more like picture books and VeggieTales.

In the stage we are now, I’ve found it freeing to not be telling them what they HAVE to read or HAVE to write each morning. We do also have a family Bible time at another point in the day or before bed, which is more interactive and structured, but in the morning, it is THEIR Bible time and they are making it their own! And that works for us!

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