Food, that is.

I made homemade baby food with Jeremiah and I am now doing the same with Joshua (I can’t believe he’s six months old already!). I have also gotten into cooking from Deceptively Delicious, a cookbook that helps you hide healthy stuff in foods the kids (and I) will eat.
With Jeremiah, I used our magnificent blender (a wedding gift from 5 1/2 years ago that still works like new) to puree big batches of fruits and veggies…
and the Magic Bullet to do small batches (and small batches only; not good for a whole lot of other things, but fun to use).
I had no problem using our blender to make baby food except for two things:
1. We LOVE the way that blender makes smoothies so we use it almost every night. I didn’t want to wear it out making baby food, too.
2. It is not a fun blender to take apart and clean EVERY time we use it.

So, I mentioned my want of a food processor to my hubby (who is trying to understand my obsession with kitchen appliances and tools) and started doing some research. It turns out that pretty much all food processors – high- and low-priced – got mixed reviews from customers. Then came the ad from a certain discount store with a sale on appliances – including my coveted food processor.

So my wonderful husband took me to get one (mine is black)! It’s not top-of-the-line. It’s not the biggest capacity bowl. But I love it! It chops, slices, shreds and purees beautifully. I have already shredded a block of cheese, sliced and chopped carrots, and pureed pears and green beans. And everything (except the base, of course) is dishwasher safe! Even if we had the money for something more expensive, I think this still would have been a great choice.

I hope you have wonderful Wednesday. I’m going to go find something to slice, shred or chop now.