The story of the prodigal son is popping up all over my world right now.

Nathan Clarkson has written some FABULOUS posts about it over at The MOB Society lately – this one is my favorite.

We talked about it at our Bible study this week as we’re going through Desperate. We even watched The Wonderful Wizard of Ha’s, the Veggie Tales retelling of the parable!

And then this book from Tommy Nelson arrived…

I Love You No Matter What

A little bit about I Love You No Matter What:

Prince Chirpio likes growing up as royalty, but his selfishness and thirst for adventure prompts him to leave the kingdom and fly off to where he can make his own rules. He soon discovers that adventures can be lonely, and he misses the love and protection of his father. Can he go back home? Will his father still love him? Luckily, his father the king is eager to welcome Chirpio back and to convince his young prince that he will always love him—no matter what.

I became very emotional as we read this book because THIS is what I want my children to know, both about my husband and I, and about their Heavenly Father.

The story is sweet and adorably illustrated, but more importantly is offers an age-appropriate illustration of unconditional love. We’ve been talking about love all month because of Valentine’s Day, but not romantic love. We’ve talked about loving one another through actions, loving each other with words, loving our enemies, and this love that God has shown us.

I was so pleased when the boys recognized this parable from reading it during previous Bible times, but even if your children have not heard it before, I Love You No Matter What is a great introduction to the story of prodigal son for young children. And it is a great way to end a hard day, reminding your children that YOU love them no matter what they have done!

I would love to bless one of you with a copy of this precious book! Just enter the giveaway below! 

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*I received this book to review as a Tommy Mommy. I was not compensated in any other way for this review, and all opinions are 100% my own!

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