Five Minute FridayIt’s Five-Minute Friday with lovely Lisa-Jo!

Set a timer and just write. Don’t worry about making it just right or not.

For me? An exercise in letting go and letting words flow. Five minutes only. {yes, I do set a timer and it quacks like a duck at 5 minutes, which totally makes me smile}

Today’s prompt: In Between.


And go…

2012 was a year of lots of BIG things. New baby, graduation, new city, new house, new job – BIG things. Lots to celebrate and adjust to and process.

It was one of the best years of our lives.

And now we’re in the in between. We’re not planning on any more babies or moves or new jobs in the near future. The big events have passed for now and the everyday life that happens in between has become our normal.

In Between

That in between was why I picked celebrate as my word for 2013. I don’t want us to celebrate only the big milestones, but also the small victories and joys and blessings that come in between major life events.

The in between can be mundane if we let it, but it can also be messy and beautiful and wonderful. It can be full of growth and love and life.

Living a life of celebration of those in between moments is my life goal. The place where life just happens. I don’t want to miss a moment of what He has in that in between.

Our lives are made
In these small hours
These little wonders,
These twists & turns of fate
Time falls away,
But these small hours,
These small hours still remain

~”These Small Hours,” Rob Thomas



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