Big day for me!

I have a guest post up at my favorite website – (in)courage!

If you have never been over to (in)courage, get thyself over there RIGHT. NOW. You will be uplifted and stirred in your soul every time you go there. I promise. True beauty and transparency are shared every day.

It is one of the few sites that I have sent right to my inbox so I can read the wonderful posts right away every morning!

Thank you so much to the lovely ladies of (in)courage for having me as a guest at the beach house today!

So, would you, maybe, stop by my post and leave a little comment to say hi?! Pretty please?

You would? You’re the best!

And welcome to those of you hopping over from (in)courage!

I hope you you stick around to learn more about our family, our desire to raise our boys to love the Lord and all the adventures, beauty and laughter that go along with being at Home with the Boys!

And Go Big Red!