Gussy Sews Inspiration Workshop! I may have mentioned in the past how much I adore Gussy. And even more so after I met her at Relevant.

And I just love the way she has connected and promoted the handmade community online. I don’t have a real handmade business or anything, but I do enjoy being creative and crafty, so I was excited to join her newest community-building effort, Inspiration Workshop!

Every Thursday, I’ll be linking up to Gussy’s blog to share things that inspire me! And I need this weekly inspiration, so I cannot wait!

This week’s theme: Handmade!

The first thing that came to my mind when I read the theme was this…

A quilt.

A handmade quilt.

With a really awesome story.

This quilt is not only handmade, it was handmade by my great-great-great grandmother. Her name is stitched in the quilt…

She was born in 1810.

And she made this quilt when she was 81 YEARS OLD.

The quilt is beautiful and inspiring itself, but add to it the fact that she made it by hand when she was 81 and THERE is my inspiration.

I want to be making beautiful things for the rest of my life.

Every day I want to make something beautiful with my hands, whether it’s for my home, my family, my friends or even for me! Food, crochet, memories – they can all be beautiful when made with love.

I don’t know much else about Great-Great-Great Grandma Nancy, but this quilt is an inspiring legacy to leave. It doesn’t get much better than handmade love passed down through the generations.

Thank you to my mom for taking the pictures to use in this post. The quilt is hers right now and will be passed on to me as her oldest daughter next!