I have always loved the work of Compassion.

Their heart for Jesus. Their heart for children. Their heart for bringing the two together all over the world.

I follow their blogging trips {like this latest trip to the Philippines}. I pray for their workers and efforts. I pray for the children still waiting to be sponsored.

Praying is great, but we wanted to do more. We just never thought it was possible to help in a more tangible {financial} way.

Just over a year ago, God laid it on my heart that there WAS a way we could sponsor a sweet Compassion child, even living as a medical student and a stay-at-home mom.

“He defended the cause of the poor and needy, and so all went well. Is that not what it means to know me?” declares the LORD. ~Jeremiah 22:16

When the desires of your heart line up with His, anything is possible.

I know that the LORD secures justice for the poor and upholds the cause of the needy. ~Psalm 140:12

And it became possible because of many of YOU!

At that time last year, I opened up advertising on my blog for the first time – just enough to cover sponsorship each month.

We browsed through pictures and were drawn very quickly to sweet Samson…

Just a month older than Big J and born on St. Patrick’s Day {a very important day in this house!}, we knew Samson was “ours.”

He is part of our family. His letters, drawings and photos bring great joy and excitement. Every time Tanzania is mentioned, Big J’s eyes light up because he “knows someone there!” And we are always so touched by the verses he shares with us.

He tells us HE is praying for us all the time – more of a blessing to our family than he will ever know.

I can’t say enough about how much it has meant to me to see numerous companies and bloggers step up to help us continue to sponsor Samson.

He is not just our family’s child – he is YOURS too. It’s a group effort.

And I decided, I’ve been limiting the ways in which God wants to help us bless Samson.

So, instead of just four 125×125 ad openings a month in our sidebar at $10 per month, we’re going to open it up to unlimited ads!

That’s right – let’s see what God does when we don’t put a limit on this sponsorship!

Last year, we used a little of our own money to provide a Christmas present for Samson and his family. This spring, we received this picture…

Samson and his mother with our Christmas present – a goat!

A goat is a HUGE deal for a family like Samson’s and I cried like a baby when I read how much that goat had meant to their family. “We promise to take good care of it,” he wrote in that letter. {heart melting}

And that gift was just a small one from our small offering.

I’m praying that, with more sponsors, we can continue to send blessings like that goat and more to Samson and his family! Won’t you join us?!

Have you been wanting to sponsor a child, but the $40 a month is just not possible? Does $10 sound more feasible? Do you have a business or blog you would like to promote?

Then, email me at homewiththeboys {at} gmail {dot} com to get the ball rolling!

If you sign up by Friday, you can get your ad up RIGHT now until the new year for only $35!

To those of you who have already been a part of this throughout the last year – THANK YOU! You are making a huge difference in the life of Samson and his family – we can’t to wait to see what God has in store for the next year and share it with you!

**Are you interested in sponsoring your own precious child through Compassion? Would you consider choosing a child who has been waiting for a sponsor for six months or longer?  Just click on the banner below to find out more information. And while you’re there, say a prayer for all of those waiting, will you? Thanks.**