Top Ten {Tuesday}

I’m really excited and nervous today as I start a 60-Day Body Challenge with a bunch of local ladies. It’s just the kick in the pants I need to start a healthier lifestyle – for myself and my guys. Way too much sugar and snacking around here – jellybeans, chocolate, chocolate milk – oh wait, that’s just what I’ve been eating…

Anyways, my goal isn’t drastic weight-loss during these sixty days {although I wouldn’t mind that!}. My goal is an overall healthier lifestyle. Dieting is not my thing. But modifying the way we eat in general is something that can last.

I just need some discipline. Ugh. That’s why I’m telling you about this – so you can yell at me to put down that second (or third or fourth) cookie! Accountability is the key, friends.

So, here are my…

Top Ten Goals During the 60-day Body Challenge!

1. Eat more fruits and veggies. All day long.

2. Choose healthier snacks. {See #1!}

3. Drink more water – at least 64 oz a day.

4. Eat more balanced breakfasts.

5. Move more. In other words, get off the computer and do something!

6. Get more sleep – at least seven hours each night.

7. Serve more balanced meals for lunch and dinner.

8. Curb emotional eating.

9. Reduce sugar intake. {I REALLY like candy and chocolate.}

10. Commit my health and body to the Lord and take care of myself! {Reading Reshaping It All, and then maybe Made to Crave}

Our challenge starts today and ends mid-May! I’m ready – let’s get it started!


Are you doing anything to get healthier? Share your goals here!