For the first installment of the M.O.B. Society, I couldn’t think of anyone better to share than my in-real-life friend Leanne.  Keep reading and you’ll see why…

As a young girl, I played with dolls.

I loved my dolls and everyone was cared for and loved.  I painstakingly chose the most beautiful names any 5 year old could think of.  Carefully tucked into their cribs every night were Tammy, Chrissy, Amanda, T.J., and Sarah.  With each new doll, my grandma made clothes for them.

All too soon, the dolls were forever tucked away.  As I moved away from home, I thought to myself, “When I have my own girl, she will play with my dolls.”

Fast forward many years, and I’m now a mom to FIVE glorious, highly energetic boys!

Yes, that’s right: BOYS!

NEVER in my playtime did I have a boy doll. All of my dolls were girls! In fact, I didn’t even have a Ken doll.  Isn’t the “perfect” family 1 boy and 1 girl?

Surely, God made a mistake here! Me with 5 boys? I’m a girly girl; no doubt about it.

 But God teaches us many things, if only we look and listen.  With the birth of each boy, I learned more and more about caring for boys, trying to understand their ways, and yes, what His plan was for me as a boy mom.

The past 15 years – that’s how long I’ve been a mom – I’ve discovered many insightful things.  Some are obvious, others are trial and error.  Let me share a few:

  • Boys love noise, and I do mean LOVE NOISE!  I never once taught them how to sound like a truck, but yet they do it, perfectly.
  • Boys love to shock, especially their mom.  Soon after my husband constructed our dirt bike track (yes, you read correctly – my husband is a whole other chapter.) Prince H the First, said “Mom, watch me,” took his dirt bike and “flew” over the jump with a yahoo! After a natural gasp, I calmly said, “That was great, Alex. But just a word of advice, when Grandma comes, don’t say, ‘Hey Grandma, watch me jump.’”

  • No mountain is high enough for boys.  Silly me to think that purchasing the safety netting around the trampoline would keep the children safe.  As I watched out the window, they were using it as a sideways trampoline, propelling themselves from side to side.  It didn’t take long for this to rip.  The frame is still around the trampoline, but it no longer holds a net, but rather the boys now climb on it and swing onto the trampoline.
  • Towels and napkins are useless items. Save your money, boys use their sleeves.  After seeing one of the boys using his sleeve, I sprang into “Good Mom Manners” and told them this is inappropriate.  To which they responded, “That’s what Uncle Jerry does.”
  • Grass stains are badges of honor.  Recently I was talking with Colton our baby (6 years old) about grass stains on jeans.  With the warming weather, Colton is wearing shorts.  I pointed out to him that he now has stains on his knees. To which he responded, “Isn’t that cool?”

I could continue, but I’ll save the rest of my insight for another time. I have learned (and am still learning) how to be a mom to these five boys and the top three things I have learned are…

  1. Patience.  Boys think and do completely different than me.
  2. Communicate in ways other than speaking. It is a known fact that boys do not talk as much as girls.  So when the boys want to talk, I must stop what I’m doing, look in their eyes, nod in understanding, even when I don’t.  I write them notes on their beds, on cookies, on mirrors.  I watch them shoot 500 basketballs and we talk.  I know how to ask a question. “How was your day?” gets the same response, “Fine.”
  3. Love them.  My heart and my plan was for at least one girl.  But I only saw through my little window.  God however, sees the whole horizon.  My vision is for successful students, athletes, well liked boys.  But those are second, my first vision needs to be that they will grow to love God. (And then their mom.)

Leanne is a fabulous and fun mom to five boys, a former teacher and a farmer’s wife.  She is active in church and school activities and actually keeps up with her scrapbooks!  What a woman!!!