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It’s Sunday night as I write this and I couldn’t let another day of May go by without focusing on goals – the ones I met in April, the ones I didn’t meet in April, and the ones I’m ready to tackle in May. April was a month that felt a little like it was spiraling out of control, especially towards the end, and several things on my to-do list were left undone. I need these goals – with grace, of course (thank you for that, Tiny Twig!) – to keep me moving forward, not in circles!

Here’s what happened with my April goals…


15-mile long run – Funny story, but I actually ran a SIXTEEN mile run! I still can’t believe it. Half marathon is this weekend! See May goal for more…

The newsletter, seriously – Um, I did work on it. I did. Launching it just got lost in those circles I mentioned above…

Get outside – We’ve been getting out there – walks, playing ball, watching storms and bunnies and soaking up some sunshine!

Keep on reading – I was a reading rock star to start the month, but I let it slide later in the month. I missed it. This is why reading will always be at the top of my goals list each month! Here are the books I DID finish in April…


Moving forward…

May Goals


Read (finish) three books – I’m currently in the middle of Heart Sisters by Natalie Snapp and Blind Spots by Collin Hansen, so those are both at the top of my list to finish. The second book of Lisa T. Bergren’s Remnants series will be my first fiction read for this month – can’t wait to dive in!

Half marathon PR – I almost didn’t write this one. I didn’t want to put it out there and then not get my PR and deal with that disappointment publicly…forget that. I want to PR at my half this weekend. There. I said it. I’m giving it my all and I won’t be ashamed if I don’t make it!

Finish the homeschool year well – We’re wrapping up school this month and I don’t want our school year to just fade off into the summer. I’m working on focus, finishing up subjects, and celebrating another year done! We’ll be doing a zoology focus the rest of this month as the unit is on bugs and, well, it is spring in Nebraska so we have plenty to study in person!

Focus on friendship – I have really great friends, but we’re kind of spread out, busy with kids and work and all the things and it’s easy to let the friend thing fall by the way. Not this month. I have fun girls’ nights planned, a road trip with The Hubby + a best friend, and my mind is stirring with other ways to reconnect with and bless the lovely ladies in my life!

Celebrate 12 years of marriage – We got married on the last day of the month of May 12 years ago! TWELVE! We’re currently plotting to do something to really celebrate – we just don’t know what yet. My goal is to make this celebration happen and make it fabulous because I love my man and this life we have together!

Your turn: what goals did you accomplish last month? What are you hoping to accomplish this month?