13 weeks of med school down…4 to go until Christmas! Still too many to count until being done!

Stephen did very well in his first core of classes, finishing in the top 30% of his class. Anatomy did not start out as one of his favorite classes but he would prefer that to what he has now – up to four hours of lecture at a time!

His courses now are about cellular processes. I am amazed at how much information is presented to them in such a short period of time and even more so at how much they can retain. I guess that is why Stephen was called to be a doctor and not me!

He is still commuting every day but not minding that too much. We’re saying our prayers that the weather continues to be nice as long as possible.

We are blessed to see Stephen as much as we do – he leaves every morning around 6:40 a.m. and is home by 5:45 p.m. I have heard many horror stories of students studying 8+ hours a day and we are so glad he is an efficient student 🙂 He and his study group do an awesome job of making family a top priority. Jeremiah loves his time to play trains, blocks and chase with Daddy and we eat dinner together every night.

After his first test for the new core this weekend, we are all looking forward to a “short week.” Oh, and I think he is a little excited to go the Nebraska-Colorado game with his dad on Friday. I have to say, I’m a little jealous, but we’ll do some shopping and take a nap and I’ll be just fine!