If you tried to visit this blog in the past few days, you probably got a great big warning message and were asked to not proceed.

Lovely times for a blog owner to see that…not…

Turns out, my blog being hacked was threatening to corrupt other blogs as well and it was just one big mess.

One big mess that is now all resolved, praise the Lord!

Everything has been fixed, I’m no longer listed as a harmful site on Google and all is right with the world.

I just want to apologize for the all the heart attacks this gave to the other blog owners affected.

I appreciate so much the readers who notified me of the problem, the kind reader who wrote a post about how to fix the problem for other bloggers and all of the grace and prayers I received from you during it!

Again, my sincere apologies for this fiasco…I’m ready for some “normal” life to happen!

{I’ll be back tomorrow with What I Wore Wednesday :)}