This week, I finished reading Unglued by Lysa TerKeurst.


I underlined or highlighted something on 90% of the pages of this book.

Ladies, Unglued is a MUST READ book for every single one of you. There are very few books on the planet that this could be said of, but I honestly would recommend this book to any woman with whom I came in contact.

We will all come unglued in some way at one time or another. Learning how to deal with those emotions and prevent most unglued moments is the key.

Lysa offers many wonderful tips for avoiding and handling unglued moments, and many of those involve turning to God’s Word. Truth, as only the Scriptures can provide, is the BEST way to combat the lies of the enemy.

However, when I’m starting to fume and headed towards coming unglued, I’m not very likely to pick up my Bible.

 What I AM likely to do is grab my iPhone or iPad and turn on some music, and my preferred music in those moments is kids’ music.

Yep, listening to children’s music helps me get my emotions in check and focus on truth.

Ok, not just any children’s music – it has to be Seeds Family Worship because Seeds IS God’s Word.

It happened just this week. The boys were not listening well. The baby was spitting up all over the place. My to-do list was three miles long. Nothing was going the way I wanted it to in my mind. I was in the kitchen ready to blow – which usually means yelling – and I actually realized what was about to happen.

I grabbed my phone, opened up my music, and clicked on my playlist called “All Seeds.” I have all seven of the Seeds albums on this playlist. I hit “Shuffle” and let God speak to me with whatever pops up.

It never fails – I hear just what I need within minutes of turning on that music.

Last week, it was “Heavenly Lights,” which is James 1:17 set to music…

Every good and perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of the heavenly lights…

I cried, but I did NOT come unglued. I cried because I knew exactly the gifts to which the song was referring – too many gifts to count in that moment, but more than enough to snap me out of my emotional funk. I did not yell. I breathed deep. I moved on and my day was not ruined, and neither was my children’s.

THAT is the power of God’s Word, friends. And His Word never returns void – even when you feel like you’re about to lose it.

Seeds Family Worship works for me as my “unglued antidote.” What works for you?


*I was not asked to write this post by either Lysa or Seeds Family Worship – just wanted to share two things I absolutely love and that are helping me in my everyday life!

**This post contains affiliate links.