Congrats to the winner of Parenting from the Overflow… Courtney! I know you will be blessed by it!


I have TWO posts up in other places around the blogiverse today…

*My monthly post at the MOB Society – this month we’re talking about respect and my post is a chance for YOU to discuss a mother’s role in teaching our sons to respect women. I hope you’ll chime in with your thoughts or questions!

*My debut over at The Homeschool Village – This fall, I’ll be the homeschool newbie over there, blogging from the trenches, chronicling our successes and failures as a first-year homeschool family. Today, I’m sharing the next steps we took after deciding to homeschool – there is a lot to confuse and distract in that process, but we’re getting there!

{Whoops! My mistake! My Homeschool Village post is up TOMORROW, so make sure you visit THEN! Sorry!}


And I guess I used up all my words in other places today, so I will just leave you with these reminders that summer is almost here…

We’re getting little glimpses, but the real thing is just around the corner!