Now we’re getting back into the swing of things as “normal” here! So thankful for MckMama’s Not Me! Monday to get a few things off my chest – or not 🙂

Let’s see…

It was NOT me who ended a 21-day Daniel Fast with a huge Easter dinner and a pint of Ben & Jerry’s. That would be a horrible choice. And it was NOT me who had a doozy of a headache that evening from my food binge. Nope, not me.

And it was NOT me who waited until the middle of the month to do any sort of menu-planning at all. I was NOT flying by the seat of my pants each day trying to figure out something to eat that night.

I definitely do NOT have a pile of books – make that PILES of books – stacked around our house waiting to be read. So many good books to read, so little time. But I would NEVER leave them stacked all over the place in the process. (Working on that today honey!)

And I do NOT secretly love working out with the goofy little Miis on the WiiFit every morning. I do NOT enjoy the fact that the Miis, who look like all of our friends that have played Wii with us, are the ones doing step aerobics and hula-hooping with me. Nope, I do NOT look forward to that every morning.

Oh, and it is NOT me who is hoping you’ll like what you read here and subscribe via FeedBurner and join my Google Friend Connect. Nope, not me 🙂

But I DO want to remind you that there are FOUR giveaways ending tonight here at Home with the Boys! Lots of variety! You could win…

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Thanks for coming by!  Blessings to you!