Mckmama- Not Me Monday

Laughing at ourselves is such good medicine.

That’s why I love MckMama’s Not Me Monday blog carnival – a good healthy laugh at some of the ridiculous things I have done this week.


It was NOT me who skipped lunch in the middle of a busy day, only to snack on Hershey’s Nuggets all afternoon. Nope, not me. (Why do I have so many food and chocolate-related “not me” confessions?!)

And it was NOT me who put myself and Big J on a Saltines and apple juice diet after Little J spent all day throwing up last Monday.  Ok, Big J WANTED to be on the “diet,”  but I did NOT put myself on it as well as a safety precaution. And I did NOT reinstate this diet for all when the puking came back later in the week.

It was also NOT me who swelled up with pride as my son opened the door for me at a graduation party and said “I’ll be the man, Mommy.” NO pride here at all.

And NO emotions welling up inside of me as I watched the boys practice their ring bearer duties for my sister’s wedding.

 Spring 2010 002bw Spring 2010 008bw crop

And now that the series has ended, I can tell you that I did NOT get so tense during episodes of “24” that I NEEDED to be doing something else while watching or I was pretty sure I would go into cardiac arrest. And I did NOT love every minute of it. NOT. ONE. BIT.


It was NOT me who did happy dance after happy dance, with some tears mixed in, as we were OVERWHELMED by the success of the MOB Society launch last week. I stayed TOTALLY calm and collected through it all.right.

Finally, it is NOT me who is OVER THE MOON thrilled to have the hubby home for three weeks after he finished his first step of the medical licensing boards last week.  (THANK YOU to those who were praying for him!)

Nope, NOT excited about that OR our upcoming no-kids vacation.

Ok, who am I kidding.