And we’re back! I love Not Me Mondays! You can check out all the other “Not Me” fun here but read “not mine” first 🙂

I definitely did not have a diaper leak on my shirt and then continue to wear the shirt for the rest of the day because I forgot about it. Not me.

And I did not leave three laundry baskets full of clean, unfolded laundry in our bedroom for several days because I couldn’t bring myself to fold them. Oh no, I did not let the laundry graveyard move to our bedroom.

I also did not let my son continue to eat brownie after brownie, even after he was told no, after his bedtime and without any punishment. Nope, not me. How could I do that?

And of course, I did not eat chunk after chunk of those same brownies that just didn’t look “right” for serving as I was cutting them out for a party. And that was not after I hadn’t eaten anything for supper. That would just be ridiculous.

Oh, and I was not so excited for our upcoming no-kids vacation that I put out my suitcase a week ago and started packing. That is not me at all.

Not me!