I haven’t posted on Not Me! Monday in a while so I have some moments saved up…

It was not me who tried to take a “nap” this morning while the boys ate breakfast because I was so tired. And this was not because I stayed up way too late because I was feeling productive. Nope, not me. I know better than that.

And it was not me who went to the store to pick up one thing for my hubby and ended up buying myself some Peanut M & Ms…and I did not eat them all before I even got home from the store…which is a less than five minute drive. Not me.

I most certainly did not thoroughly enjoy the new Fame in all of its cheesy glory and wish I was one of the dancers…despite the fact that it should NOT be rated PG. I did not try to live vicariously through them one bit. Not me.

It was not me who tried to keep my crying baby in church as long as possible just because I wanted to see my friends get baptized. And I did not get quite angry when I had to step out with him because he would not settle down. No, I am a much more patient mother than that. And I would never subject others to his crabbiness.

And I did not just use the phrase “That’s not necessary” with my one-year-old. No, that’s just crazy to use such reasonable terms with him and think it will do anything. I would never do that either.

It was not me who cried a little at Jim and Pam’s wedding on The Office because I felt a little like my friends were getting married. That would be totally pathetic so that was not me.

And it definitely is not me who was told a big secret by a friend and is dying to spill the beans right here, right now. Again with the patience thing…that wouldn’t be me.

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Happy Monday!