Just a few weeks ago, we found out we will be having our third boy around the end of February.

Amongst the congratulations, I have heard more than a few times, “You didn’t get your girl? Guess you’ll have to keep trying!”

Can I let you in on a little secret?

We weren’t “trying” for a girl.

We didn’t decide to have a third child so we could “get our girl” as many people have put it.

We wanted a third CHILD – whatever the Lord decided to bless us with.

And, when it came to the reveal, we both felt OVERJOYED to be having another boy!

Now, don’t read this as me thinking girls are horrible or that I never would have wanted a girl – having a girl would have been lovely! Raising boys is exhausting, confusing, and SO different from my life as a girl growing up.

But I would not trade these boys {and the one kicking away in my womb} for anything – raising godly men is an awesome responsibility and blessing.

One of the nicest messages I received in the middle of all the well wishes read something like this…

“Congrats on boy #3! God must know what a wonderful boy mom you are!”

Well, that message just made my year.

Big J was hoping for a little sister, but by the evening after we found out, he was celebrating the fact our house of boys would be growing.

I’ve heard lots of macho cries in the house since then…

“Why are we excited to have another boy?”

“Cause we’re THE BOYS!”

But I’ve also gotten a lot of this…

“Mommy, you can be our princess!”

I’ll take that any day.

And I’ll take another boy in the house any day, too.