When we started this medical school journey, I prepared myself for the long haul.

2008 1232

I prepared for long hours of studying, Saturday tests, a stressed-out hubby.

And while some of this applied, the first two years were not bad at all.

Because of my wonderful hubby.

I’m sure it’s been mentioned before, but he and his study group are all married with children, so it’s been their mission from day one to be extremely efficient in their studying.  You can even read what a “normal” day was like during the first two years from his perspective here.

Family time has not been compromised at all and for that I have been SO grateful.

But studying for the first step of the medical licensing exam is a whole other story.

For the past month, despite class being out, the group has met to study all day every day and take practice test after practice test.  And review practice test after practice test.

There are only so many hours in the day, so some of this testing and reviewing has spilled into the evenings.  And the schedule has become a little more like what I thought all of medical school would be like.

But that will all be over Thursday when the big exam takes place. 

If doing well on that means merely one month of rigorous studying and long hours, I will take that in a heartbeat.

And then the clerkships start.  A completely different world from what I’ve heard.

2008 784

One thing at a time.

Would you please be in prayer for him as he takes this very important exam Thursday on his way to becoming “The Hubby, M.D.?”  Thanks so much!