Yesterday was Big J’s first day of swimming lessons! (His class is the Perch class)

The boy loves the water, so that was not a problem at all.

Following directions, however, was not on his agenda at first. Until mommy mentioned a snack afterwards if he did all he was asked to do…

Works every time 🙂

He was blowing bubbles, learning to float on his back and tummy, and fearlessly jumping off the side into my arms…all because of bribery. Proud mommy moment.

His buddy Z is in the class as well…

Just to reiterate, Big J is the short one, but he IS one week older – I swear.

In the class of five kiddos, four of us knew each other, which always makes it fun. And easier for us moms to wear our bathing suits in front of each other. (Sorry, no pictures of that – you’re welcome ladies!)

Speaking of bathing suits, did you see the length of Big J’s shorts here?

He insisted on wearing the new swim trunks I bought for this summer. I guess as long as they don’t fall off, it doesn’t really matter.

At the end of class, all he wanted was to know how soon we could go back (good sign) and “A towel, please!!!”

I think our fishy is ready for next week!