Over the July 4th weekend, we headed to my grandparents‘ house where my grandpa took us out on his pontoon. He LOVES to fish and always has, and even at 85, he still heads out on his boat regularly with his buddies. And he really wanted to take the boys out so we took him up on the offer! And not even a little drizzle could stop us!

My dad and Joshua

My sister, Megan, and Jeremiah (Notice all the jackets and hoods? Darn rain!)

My mom and Joshua

Stephen and Jeremiah out on the pontoon

My beautiful sister – now a physical therapist and resident of Arizona! We miss her but are super proud! (And she gives sweet back massages so we’ve got to love her!)

That’s my Grandpa. Everyone calls him “Big Mac.” And that’s the name of his pontoon.

Jeremiah had a blast helping Great-Grandpa Mac drive the boat – can you tell?!

My boys 🙂

My grandpa and I haven’t been on a boat together in years. The last time we went fishing together I was in elementary school. Every time I had a fish on my line I would freak out and say, “I think I’m going to have a heart attack!!!” Can you say drama queen?

Daddy’s girl

Joshua was hypnotized by the water – it was very peaceful.

Don’t you just love those chubby cheeks?!

Megan and Grandpa

Love those baby blues!

Jeremiah said this was his “pirate periscope” and insisted I take a picture.

Heading out again with my mom on the boat this time – Joshua got just a little too squirmy for my comfort so we opted to stay on the dock this time around.

And I’m glad I did to get this shot. Just makes you want to own a boat.

Thanks for the beautiful memories Great-Grandpa Mac!