As a follow-up to yesterday’s post in which I alluded to the hubby’s organizational prowess, I thought it only appropriate you hear just how our differences play out at home – in his words.

This should be fun.


Of my many shortcomings, the one that causes the most consternation for my wife is my perfectionism.

Now many of my friends will tell you it’s OCD, but it’s not. I don’t lock and unlock doors 5 times, I don’t wash my hands incessantly, etc. But let’s just say that my beautiful wife and I are a little different when it comes to cleanliness.

That’s not to say that she’s a slob – not by any means. Well, mostly.

In college, I would come over to her dorm room and just start picking up. It’s not because I have a crazy need to clean – it’s mostly because you couldn’t see the floor of the room.

Here’s an illustration:

My wife’s dresser – piles of clothes falling over, moderate attempt at organization by season.

My dresser and closet – clothes separated by style of shirt and organized by color. Obviously. Clearly, this is the only way to do it, right?

We tried to sell our house a few years ago, and with that came removal of many things from counters and whatnot so that the house looked “staged.”

Erin hated that – it felt impersonal and barren, not to mention that many things that she needed regularly had to be put away. I LOVED it – everything was so clean, smooth, uncluttered, and organized – perfect.

Erin’s phrases: “It’s in that pile somewhere,” “It’s downstairs, I think,” “It’s not a mess, I know exactly where it is,” “I might need that someday,” and “I’m not sure why I saved that.”

My phrases: “Everything in its place,” “Put it back where it goes,” “When in doubt, throw it out,” “Let’s reorganize!” and “Hey, Target has plastic storage tubs on sale!”

Summer 2010 025crop

Do you ever wonder what God was thinking when He put you and your spouse together?

Sometimes I think He needs a laugh and says, “This should be funny!”

Come on, I know there are some more people out there who are with me and love organization – speak up, people!!